[Our Museums] Ride through nation's train heritage at Korea Railroad Museum

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Korean railroad history is vividly displayed in Uiwang, Gyeonggi Province, often referred to as the "city of rail."

Run by Korail, the national railway operator, the Korea Railroad Museum is an hour's drive from central Seoul.

Uiwang's railway history goes back to 1944, with the opening of Bugok Station.

During the process of redistributing the functions of the original railway hub at Seoul's Yongsan Station, an official residence for railway personnel was also established near the Bugok Station. Other facilities were gradually set up in the vicinity. In 1966, a railroad car manufacturer was founded in the area, which went on to become Daewoo Heavy Industries.

The museum boasts a collection of some 12,600 railroad-related artifacts and 26 vehicles, including four that were registered by the Cultural Heritage Administration in April last year.